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Welcome to Fuel Your Body, as an Endurance Athlete and a Professional Trainer I know the importance that good recovery has on the ability to train and perform at optimal levels. The Max family of nutritional products provide clean and safe supplementation that will improve recovery and performance, and all are certified to be free of banned substances.

If you're looking to improve athletic performance and recovery, review the website. I welcome the opportunity to share my experiences and answer your questions.

There is an amazing link between your body's glutathione levels and all aspects of athletic performance. Max products are uniquely designed to effectively supplement your body's production of this all-important molecule.

Max Supplements ALL Certified Drug Free

Safe for Athletes and free of all Banned Substances


All of Max International's supplement products are now BSCG Certified Drug Free, giving professional athletes and active individuals worldwide the confidence to use Max products within competition.

The specter of illegal performance enhancing drugs and banned substances haunts all sports today. Every athlete, no matter if they're professional or amateur, collegiate or Olympic, must take diligent precaution in what they consume and supplement with. For anyone with a desire to compete, not being in compliance with regulations puts them at risk of being banned from the sport they love, stripped of their hard-won accolades, and shamed for the rest of their lives.

These certifications are proof of our commitment to you. Get the powerful, clean and safe performance and recovery you need from Max products!